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Modular Grain Dryer AEROgrain 3112

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The modular grain dryer is intended to dry crops, legumes, corn, sunflower seeds, coleseed, soya beans, rice with warm air produced by burning natural or liquefied gas in a burner and sent under pressure through grain towers with help of one or several turbine fans.

The grain dryer is designed to operate at temperatures of -10 °C to +40 °C and relative air humidity of 95% maximum.

Grain dryers of two types are used to dry grains — batch-wise and continuous ones.

  1. Batch-wise grain dryers work in the same way: grains are loaded into the grain dryer by means of a feed screw conveyer, and drying process begins. As soon as the required humidity is achieved, the dry grains are discharged, and the dryer may be loaded with the next “batch” of moist grain.
  2. Continuous grain dryers work as follows. After a while from the first full loading, the grains start moving through the grain dryer. The grain dryer stops when there is no more moist grain. The main difference between batch-wise and continuous grain dryers is that continuous dryers have proportioning rollers controlling dry grains discharge speed and preventing underdried grains from discharge.


  • Galvanized leak-proof control unit with double walls
  • Main safety circuit breaker
  • Extra hand gears for grains discharge
  • Galvanized fan housings
  • Low-noise belt-driven 50 Hz
  • Burner with electronic control system
  • Electronic flame control system
  • Drying towers separated by stiffeners into 61 m sections
  • Proportioning rollers controlling grain feed through a drying tower
  • Manual control of discharge hatches and discharge screw conveyer cleaning
  • Bottom discharge screw conveyer and top loading screw conveyer
  • Dryer access door
  • Discharge screw conveyer cleaning hatches
  • Grain level sensor
  • Four-point electronic humidity sensor
  • Temperature sensors inside the hot air chamber
  • Discharge screw conveyer overfill sensor
  • Gas-pressure reducer that automatically stops gas supply
  • Gas pressure gauges
  • General circuit breaker that disconnects the dryer from power mains.