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General-Purpose Dryer AERO-SUe-1.67 (AERO-SUe-2.114, AERO-SUe-3.200, AERO-SUg-3.200), Type — Electrical (Gas-Powered), Single Charge of 67 (114, 200) kg

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General-purpose dryer AERO-SUe-1.67 is designed to dry fruits, berries, potherbs, mushrooms, nuts, and medicinal herbs. Convection drying by means of designed air flows circulation provides uniform drying, pleasant appearance and high palatability of such products.

The products drying process is very quick and efficient due to the system of directed warm air flows. The heating unit with a fan creates an air flow that is heated up and then uniformly supplied to the trays with products. The fan delivers warm air into a tray partition and then — horizontally onto the tray. Continuous flow of dry warm air forces used up air with moisture from the products. Such a pattern of air motion allows to ensure the most effective product drying.


  • heating unit with fan — 1 pc.
  • cabinet dryer — 1 pc.
  • carriage — 1 pc.
  • trays — 20 pcs
  • exhaust fan — 1 pc.
  • control cabinet — 1 pc.

Inside the heating unit, there is a fan that uniformly distributes heated up air through the whole inner volume of the dryer.

The temperature controller installed inside the control cabinet allows to adjust temperature within the dryer inner volume up to 90 °C automatically.