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Aid-Duct Sleeves for Air Heaters

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Air heaters (engine heaters) delivery set includes four four-meter interlinkable air-duct sleeves with wire frame that gives the sleeves their shapes.

Types of air-duct sleeves:

  1. Rubberized canvas sleeves are used to heat up aircraft and motor-car engines, to dry converted timber, during manufacture of reinforced concrete slabs, etc. To avoid premature burning through, the sleeves that are connected directly to a heat gun shall be rubberized sleeves with asbestos inserts.
  2. Sleeves made of three-layer canvas with fire retardant treatment are used to heat up air in cabins of motor-cars, airplanes and helicopters, in production, welfare spaces and warehouses, and for heating of buildings and structures in case of emergencies and critical emergencies.

For heating of normally occupied premises only canvas sleeves shall be used, since rubberized sleeves, just as any materials with rubber content, evolve quite unpleasant smell of burnt rubber when heated up, and this smell does not vanish even after multiple airing.

Asbestos inserts for canvas sleeves connected directly to a heat gun are not required.

Advantages of air-duct sleeves for air heaters by “Aerokomplekt”:

  • low cost;
  • durability;
  • high heat insulation;
  • versatility;
  • high elasticity in case of severe frost;
  • connection to air conditioning and ventilation systems (CVS) of aircrafts of various types;
  • modern engineering fabrics meeting the necessary requirements;
  • performance exceeding that of modern domestic and imported analogs.