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Electric Heater EO-2.4 kW

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Electric heater EO-2.4 kW is used to deliver clean warm air into tents and other types of mobile and temporary shelters.


  • housing — 1 pc.
  • air filter — 1 pc.
  • tube axial fan Ø100 — 1 pc.
  • trench heater 2400W, 220 V — 1 pc.
  • built-in control thermocouples.
  • control cabinet — 1 pc.
  • closing recess for cable laying — 1 pc.
  • remote thermostat Ballu with a controller and 4 m cable — 1 pc.
  • power cord 4 m — 1 pc.

Heater housing:

  1. Made of 0.8 mm thick outer metal and 0.5 mm thick inner walls. From butt ends, there are flanges ∅100 mm L = 50 mm. Flange edges are beaded to hold canvas sleeves.
  2. On the front butt end, there is an air intake hole leading to heated room. This hole, simultaneously with the air intake flange, has a stainless-steel shutter with a handle to adjust the % of warm/cold air feed-up. All holes have temporary covers.
  3. The top of the heater is equipped with 2 foldable handles and a strap sewn to them (used to carry the heater over with one hand). On the bottom surface, there are plastic legs 18 mm high and holes in the corners to let out water.
  4. The color is RAL6003.
  5. The heater may be installed with both of its sides, left and right, towards a wall and has lugs ∅9 mm, L = 500 mm for wall mount at its top.
  6. The heater has protective sealings for short-term storage at an open site.
  7. The heater provides for quick replacement of its components and filter cleaning.

Electrical Part:
-           equipped with thermostat Ballu with controller and 4 m cable;
-           ingress protection IP44;
-           power cord 4 m with Schuko 230V plug and frame grounding TN-C-S;
-           function of 60-second delay of fan starting;
-           overheating and fire protection is controlled by the trench heater thermostats.