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Services / Installation, Start-Up and Commissioning, and Aftersales Service

Installation, Start-Up and Commissioning, and Aftersales Service

These operations are performed by our experts both together with other works and as individual “turnkey” operations.

“Aerokomplekt” renders services of installation and adjustment of modular boiler rooms and heating systems, air preheaters, agricultural equipment, including control cabinets. Our experts perform installation and adjustment of systems, general works, start-up and commissioning with further handing over to the Customer. Quality of installation is guaranteed by experience level of our experts.

“Aerokomplekt” provides technical support for all its equipment and systems during their life cycles. At the stage of installation and start-up & commissioning works we engage the experts that are well familiar with all the previous project stages. Persistent liability to the Customer allows to control project implementation, from designers’ ideas to the moment of facility commissioning.

Every year, our employees take refresher courses and exchange experience with their colleagues. We engage only those contractors, whose employees undergo training and certification, and quality of services of which had been checked by us during installation and start-up & commissioning operations.