Diesel-Powered Heater OD-18

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Diesel-powered heater OD-18 is intended for:

-    delivery of clean heated air into tents, buildings, structures;

-    heating of engines and cabins of narrow-bodied aircrafts;

-    warming-up of stop valves for oil and gas pipelines;

-    repair and maintenance of various equipment outdoors.

The heat generator is distinguished by low noise levels, fully automatic heater shutdown and powering on to maintain the required temperature, low fuel consumption, automatic monitoring of burner flame, monitoring of carbon dioxide content, overheating protection. The heater is started up by one pressing of button even at -50 °C.

Diesel-powered heater OD-18 is developed based on model OD-38. Distinctive features are minimal fuel consumption with maximum heating load and low weight.


  • housing — 1 pc.
  • controlled combustion system — 1 pc.
  • air-circulating system — 1 pc.
  • fuel system — 1 pc.
  • control system — 1 pc.