Autonomous Mobile Engine Heater MP-20

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Autonomous mobile engine heater MP-20 is designed especially for field activities, heating of small-sized buildings and for emergency situations.


  • pre-start heating of engines and aircraft cabins;
  • pre-start heating of stationary and mobile special-purpose machinery;
  • heating of concrete, generation of a thermal envelope for buildings under construction.

Main advantages:

1. Mobility.

2. Self-sufficiency (does not require electric power, may operate far from any utilities).

3. Possibility of operation in arctic conditions at -50 °C

MP-20 weighs as much as 23 kg; overall dimensions of the heater allow the equipment to be transported by one person. The heater is equipped with electrical ignition and is started by means of a hand starter. The heat exchanger and combustion chamber of the heater are made of high-temperature stainless steel.